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The Wellhopped World Series 2020 #AromaFest

The Wellhopped World Series 2020 #AromaFest

The Wellhopped World Series is an annual competition to find the best grower and hop variety sample from the Charles Faram Hop Development Programme.

The Wellhopped World Series is an annual competition to find the best grower and hop variety sample from the Charles Faram Hop Development Programme.

The 2020 competition

Who’s the best hop grower this year?
Which is the best new variety sample?
What does this achievement mean?

The Wellhopped World Series provides a platform to celebrate the dedication and progression made by those committed to the Charles Faram Hop Development Programme around the world.

The 2020 #AromaFest competition took place at the Charles Faram site in Malvern, Worcestershire on Friday 17th January.

The Wellhopped World Series
Judging process

Head brewers from around the UK are invited to judge samples of existing and new Charles Faram hop varieties from UK, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

Both the individual and overall categories are judged on aroma and quality. The overall winner is judged from categories 1-3 on aroma quality and appearance quality.


Individual categories

  1. Flavour intensity 5-6 Delicate
  2. Flavour intensity 7-8 Mid-range
  3. Flavour intensity 9-10 High
  4. Best early stage varieties – varieties that do not have enough quantity to enter a brewing trial


WellHopped World Series Champion

The 3 gold winners from the individual categories 1-3.  Resulting in 1 Gold overall champion.

The hops we love 'Most'

Flavour intensity 5-6 Delicate

In this category we are looking for traditional, noble type varieties. These may be replacements or substitutes for other varieties, or they may be new variety which has a delicate aroma profile. Varieties fitting this into this category are Archer, Minstrel and the Faram Fuggle. These samples were all selected from commercial hop samples.


Bronze  James Hawkins with Faram Fuggle (UK)

Silver     James Hawkins with Archer®  (UK)

Gold       John Walker with Minstrel® (UK)


John and his wife Sue farm at Tedney, which is in the beautiful Teme Valley about 12 miles from Worcester.  They have been working together with Charles Faram since 1995 when the farm planted its first hops.  They have 17ha of hops, First Gold, Minstrel®, Archer®, Faram Fuggles and 6 ha Organic Sovereign plus organic trial varieties.


Mid-range alpha/flavour and aroma

In this category we are looking for hops withs a balanced aroma profile. They may be citrusy, tropical or herbal and piney but they should be balanced and the aromas bright and clean. Varieties in this category include Mystic and Godiva, but also CF169 (Mozart) and CF182 (Opus) as well as some other CF numbered varieties. These samples were all selected from commercial hop samples.



Bronze  Simon Parker with CF182 (UK)    

Silver     Martin Powell-Tuck with CF190  (UK)

Gold       Mark Andrews with Mystic™       (UK)


Mark was last year’s Overall winner.  He and his wife Leslie farm at Bosbury near Ledbury in Herefordshire. The farm has been in the family for 3 generations and grow 30ha of hops including Challenger, Pilgrim, Phoenix, Jester®, Olicana®, Sovereign and Cascade.

He has a large number of the new trial varieties on the farm including Godiva™, Mystic™ and Harlequin™.   Mark has worked closely with Faram’s for over 20 years as did his father before him.

Flavour intensity 9-10 High

We are looking for bold intense aromas. The aromas should be clean and suitable for hop forward beers, we expect tropical, citrus notes and other aromas associated with New World hops. In this category a little dankness is acceptable, if it balances with the other characteristics. Varieties in this category are Jester®, Olicana®, Harlequin™ and Most. These samples were all selected from commercial hop samples.


Bronze  Last year’s winners Mark Andrews and Harlequin™ (UK)

Silver     Richard Capper with Olicana®(UK)

Gold       Jindra Krivanek with Most, also known as HP111 (Czech)


Jindra has been involved in hops for over 25 years and has been working in hop research for 10 years.  He is the owner of trading company HOP PRODUCTS and also advisor to the Czech hop growers.  Jindra is engaged in the production of hop seedlings and hop breeding and has been working on the CFD program for 7 years

Best early stage varieties

In this category the sky is the limit. There are varying intensities entered but all are new and unique. As these samples are taken from test plots appearance wasn’t scored. Varieties were only numbered. Samples from the UK, US, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia were judged.


Bronze  Charles Faram’s Peter Glendenning with PG4307 (UK)

Silver     Boštjan Taish with CF195 (Slovenia)

Gold       Charles Faram’s Peter Glendenning with PG2427 (UK)


Peter is a Research Agronomist began breeding and selecting hops in 2006. In 2009 we set up the breeding program together.  In Summer Peter can be found wandering the nursery from dusk till dawn.       

Supreme Champion for the Charles Faram Commercial varieties

These are only from the varieties we have decided to take further in the programme

From the top three in each category the judges then went on to select their favourites overall.


As we soon as the winning announcement was made, the beer single hopped with our champion hop, brewed by Ledbury Real Ales, was revealed and put up for sale in three pubs in the Hereford and Worcester area.


Bronze  John Walker with Minstrel® (UK)              

Silver     Mark Andrews with Mystic™ (UK)

Gold       Jindra Krivanek with Most, also known as HP111 (Czech)

The winning trophy was created by a local Worcester designer and cast in bronze by a Worcester casting company.  The trophy represents the globe is surrounded by hops and has five leaves on the back to represent each country entered. UK, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia.


SIBA BeerX delegates were invited to try the single hopped Most beer on the Charles Faram stand as well as at the SIBA 40th birthday bar.

Be part of hop history

If you would like to be part of the process get in touch with any of the sales team to discuss opportunities with brewing trials, collaborations and more

The Wellhopped World Series
2019 category winners

More details of the 2019 winners can be found on the WWS 2019 page.

See what the judges had to say.

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