20Apr 2018

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A German-style dark wheat beer, traditionally known as a ‘Dunkelweizen’, and an American hopped ‘Session IPA’ have taken home the two top spots in the SIBA South West Independent Beer Awards, showing just how exciting and vibrant the brewing scene is in the South West in 2018.

The awards took place prior to the famous Tuckers Maltings Beer Festival in Newton Abbot and are run by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA). The trade association represents independent craft brewers across the UK, who are now brewing the broadest range of beer styles ever seen, to quench the thirst for independent craft beer from drinkers and pub-goers.

‘Jurassic Dark’ (5.9%) by Dorset Brewing Co was named overall Champion Cask beer at the competition and is described as a rich dark beer with chocolate and port flavours, and a forest fruits aroma.

‘Ellensberg Session IPA’ (4.3% abv) by Harbour Brewing Co took home the overall Gold in the ‘Bottle & Can’ competition with their aromatic, citrusy and hugely drinkable canned Session IPA, brewed to show off flavours of citrus fruit and punchy American hops.

The awards, which were presented at Tucker’s Maltings Beer festival last night, are judged by fellow brewers and other representatives from the industry, making these the much coveted ‘brewers’ choice’ awards in the South West.

“The standard of the South West beers was fantastic again and we had some really good winners. This was the first time we tried some new beer categories to reflect today’s beer market and the judges thought these worked very well. We feel this is a very positive move for British independent beer.” Guy Sheppard, SIBA Competitions Chairman

SIBA’s Independent Beer Award categories were given a shakeup this year to include more categories for popular IPA’s and other now-popular beer styles, including a new Session IPA category, which Harbour won before taking the overall Gold against bottles and cans in other styles.

“I am really pleased to win this award and it is great to be recognised in this way by our peers – we were against very tough competition and I would just say please go out and enjoy this beer… it is perfect for a sunny afternoon!” Eddie Lofthouse, Director Harbour Brewing.

Session IPAs have proved popular with beer drinkers as they offer the drinkability of a craft lager or pale ale with the addition of the aromatic New World hops you would expect in an India Pale Ale (IPA), which tend to be much stronger in alcohol, typically five, six or evern seven percent alcohol.

The cask winner is a different beast altogether – a German style dark wheat beer with flavours of port and chocolate – but its win also shows the popularity of international styles with British brewers and beer drinkers alike,

“This is my favourite beer we brew. I am so pleased with this result and look forward to this going forward to SIBA’s national beer competition. It is our first crack into the ‘craft beer’ market – it starts here!” Mike Thornton, Dorset Brewing Co.

Members of the public will get a chance to taste the best beers in the South West at the Tucker’s Maltings Beer Festival which continues today and tomorrow. For more information visit http://edwintucker.co.uk/beer-festival/2018-26/#.Wti8dmbMzOQ

Full Winners’ List
SIBA South West Independent Beer Awards 2018

DATE       OF JUDGING     19th April

Overall Champion Cask Beers

Sponsored by Tuckers Maltings Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Dorset Brewing Company  Jurassic Dark 5.9
Silver  Twisted Oak Brewery Ltd  Leveret 4.6
Bronze  St Austell Brewery  Big Job 7.2

Cask British Dark Beers (up to 4.4%)

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Isle of Avalon Brewery pomparles porter 4.4
Silver  New Lion Brewery Totnes Stout 4.4
Bronze  Weighbridge Brewhouse GWR Mild 4.0

Cask British Dark Beers (4.5 to 6.4%)

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Exeter Brewery Darkness 5.1
Silver  Roam Brewing Co. Tavy Porter 5.2
Bronze  Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout 4.5

Cask British Bitters (up to 4.4%)

Sponsored by Rastal GmbH & Co. Ltd Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Great western Brewing Company Maiden Voyage 4.0
Silver  Bays Brewery Gold 4.3
Bronze  Quantock Brewery Wills Neck 4.3

Cask Premium Bitters (4.5 to 6.4%)

Sponsored by Rankin Brother & Sons Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Twisted Oak Brewery Ltd  Leveret 4.6
Silver  Powderkeg Brewery  6ixes & 7evens 5.0
Bronze  Roam Brewing Co.  Sound Bitter 4.5

Cask Session IPA (up to 4.3%)

Sponsored by Crisp Malting Group Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Quantock Brewery QPA 4.0
Silver  Powderkeg Brewery Speak Easy 4.3
Bronze  St Austell Brewery Prophecy 3.8

Cask Premium PAs (4.4 to 5.4%)

Sponsored by Murphy & Son Ltd Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Kettlesmith Brewing Company Timeline 5.4
Silver  Firebrand Brewing West Coast Session IPA 4.5
Bronze  Cheddar Ales Ltd Frozen Deep 4.5

Cask IPA (5.5 to 6.4%)

Sponsored by Charles Faram & Co. Ltd Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Electric Bear Brewing Company Above The Clouds 6.2
Silver  Eight Arch Brewing Co. Corbel 5.5
Bronze  Dawkins Ales Ultra 6.2

Cask Speciality Light Beers

Sponsored by SPASoft Ltd Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Moor Beer Company Do It Together 5.2
Silver  Great western Brewing Company Bees Knees 4.2
Bronze  Hunters Brewery Ltd crispy pig 4.0

Cask Speciality Mid to Dark Beers

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Dorset Brewing Company Jurassic Dark 5.9
Silver  Gyle 59 Brad’s Coffee Stout 4.5
Bronze  Brewhouse and Kitchen Ltd Bristol BA Maple Sap Scotch **Barrel aged** 6.4

Cask Strong Beers 6.5% and over

Sponsored by Bulk Storage & Process Systems Ltd Brewery Product ABV
Gold  St Austell Brewery Big Job 7.2
Silver  Exmoor Ales Exmoor Beast 6.6
Bronze  New Lion Brewery Double Stout 7.4

Overall Champion Bottle/Can Beers

Sponsored by SPASoft Ltd Brewery Product ABV
Gold Harbour Brewing Company Ellensberg Session IPA 4.3
Silver St Austell Brewery Big Job 7.2
Bronze Liberation Brewery Liberation Ale 4.0

Bottle/Can British Dark Beers (up to 4.4%)

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Castle Brewery Moat Mild 4.4
Silver  Yeovil Ales Stout Hearted 4.3
Bronze  New Lion Brewery Totnes Stout 4.4

Bottle/Can British Dark Beers (4.5 to 6.4%)

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Electric Bear Brewing Company Inspector Remorse 4.7
Silver   Roam Brewing Co. Tavy Porter 5.2

Bottle/Can British Bitters (up to 4.4%)

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Great western Brewing Company Maiden Voyage 4.0
Silver  Bays Brewery Gold 4.3
Bronze  Quantock Brewery Wills Neck 4.3

Bottle/Can Premium Bitters (4.5 to 6.4%)

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Twisted Oak Brewery Ltd  Leveret 4.6
Silver  Powderkeg Brewery  6ixes & 7evens 5.0
Bronze  Roam Brewing Co.  Sound Bitter 4.5

Bottle/Can Session IPA (up to 4.3%)

Sponsored by Beatson ClarkLtd Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Harbour Brewing Company  Ellensberg Session IPA 4.3
Silver  Great western Brewing Company  Hambrook Pale Ale 4.0

Bottle/Can Premium PAs (4.4 to 5.4%)

Sponsored by Niche Solutions (GB) Ltd Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Kettlesmith Brewing Company  Timeline 5.4
Silver  Firebrand Brewing  West Coast Session IPA 4.5
Bronze  Cheddar Ales Ltd  Frozen Deep 4.5

Bottle/Can Can IPA (5.5 to 6.4%)

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Eight Arch Brewing Co. Corbel 5.5
Silver  Firebrand Brewing Graffiti IPA 5.5
Bronze  Beat Ales Funk 5.5

Bottle/Can Session Lager & Pilsners

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Keltek Cornish Brewery Swifties Cornish Lager 4.0
Silver  Harbour Brewing Company Helles Lager 4.5
Bronze  Hunters Brewery Ltd Devon Maid Lager 4.4

Bottle/Can Premium Lager & Pilsners

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Harbour Brewing Company Pilsner Lager 5.0
Silver  ZerodegreesZER1 Pilsner 4.8
Bronze  Powderkeg Brewery Cut Loose 4.7

Bottle/Can Speciality Light Beers

Sponsored by SPASoft Ltd Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Red Rock Brewery Ltd Honey Slow Beer 5.0
Silver  Hop Kettle Brewing Co. Busaba Saison 5.3
Bronze  Skinners Brewery Company Ltd Hops and Honey 4.

Bottle/Can Speciality Mid to Dark Beers

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  Dawkins Ales Foresters Black 4.9
Silver  Hop Kettle Brewing Co. Flapjack Marmalade 7.7
Bronze  Padstow Brewing Company 317 7.4

Bottle/Can Strong Beers 6.5% and over

Brewery Product ABV
Gold  St Austell Brewery Big Job 7.2
Silver  Moor Beer Company Old Freddy Walker 7.3
Bronze  Firebrand Brewing Impy Stout 10.0
23Mar 2018

Kent based natural hop extract business, Totally Natural Solutions Ltd, are pleased to announce the completion of a new company Headquarters and Laboratory facility in Paddock Wood.

The investment will support continuing growth in sales of the company’s flagship HopInspiration® range of natural hop extracts for late hop, dry hop and bittering replacement, which deliver consistent, intense hop aroma and flavour.

TNS are continuing to develop sales within Asia, Europe and the USA, through a network of distribution partners, with the business now operating globally.

The new facilities further expand TNS’ offering, with the new laboratory providing analytical services such as beer analysis, and hop alpha, beta and oil compositions to brewers. Sensory profiling of beer can also be undertaken, and adjustments made from the hop extracts on offer, to correct BU and aroma intensity. The new development laboratory, in conjunction with further investment in the TNS Research and Development hop product pipeline, ensures that TNS commits to natural solutions for hop derived foam enhancement, natural bittering and tropical hop extracts.

The business continues to carry out its patented extraction process for HopShot® and HopBurst® at its secondary site in East Peckham.

Colin Wilson, Managing Director of TNS said “This is an exciting time for TNS as its products become firmly established in brewers’ mindsets as a serious alternative to hopping with leaf or pellets. The quality of our hop extracts delivers true dry and late hop character and this investment supports these products with great customer service and development of further functional natural hop extracts. In addition, the cost efficiency of using hop extracts returns savings to the brewers in a highly competitive market, whilst offering the consumer some intense hop flavours in their beer.

We also continue to invest in our people, with the recent hire of Rebecca Lobel as Financial Controller and Karen Haggerty as Quality Manager.  I believe this has added real depth to the TNS team as we seek to continue to add high calibre staff to our operation”

23Mar 2018
  • Hop Development Programme logoOur Hop Development Programme in a nutshell
    • Commercial programme – breaking all the traditional rules of hop breeding
    • Shared risk with growers, equal reward
    • Brewing trials performed as early as possible
    • Promising varieties pushed forward before disease screening is completed
    • 5000 seeds planted a year.  Every one a new variety in itself.
  • Most frequently asked question

The most common question is ‘How can I get involved’?. We keep an availability list at HQ, brewers wanting to get involved can request that list, or if they are interested in a variety which isn’t yet available can express their interest to our sales team.

We also get asked regularly, “What style of beer would you like me to produce with it?” We have a small pilot plant on site where we experiment with hop forward pale ales. For commercial trials we prefer brewers to choose a style that they feel is appropriate for the hop. The flavour notes we have from our experimental hops lend themselves to a plethora of styles of beer.

Feedback is vital! We are planting large numbers of new varieties every year as single plants, and have a dedicated team of growers who follow up with expanded plots with which to provide these brewing samples. To take a variety further, or not, we need your feedback.

  • Photo of hops being propogatedGodiva release

A daughter of Jester, we planted the seed in 2012. A stand out plant from the first year both in terms of aroma and agronomy. We named Godiva early on in development, as it is a somewhat wild and strong plant but almost completely leafless, we felt the reference to the historical figure was fitting. Production has been steadily geared up to the point that this year we have been able to package both as leaf and pellet. Brewing trials have been very successful and Godiva has already been used to develop permanent range beers at some notable breweries. Tasting notes are tangerine, white grape and spice, with no doubt that Godiva imparts a very sessionable quality to beers. Both leaf and pellet are available for brewing trials.

  • CF160 background and progress

Another daughter of Jester (you might notice a common theme!), we planted the seed in 2014. As a somewhat untidy plant we didn’t hold out much hope, but during a very late evening green aroma assessment, Peter Glendinning and Will Rogers stumbled – literally, across it. They didn’t even need to rub the hop as it has a powerful tropical fruit aroma.  With this in mind plots were planted and this year the grand total of 600kg was produced. This is just enough to pellet, so the decision was made to make T90 pellets with it all and let it demonstrate its prowess as a dry hop! We have a small amount still available if you wish to try it.

  • Brewing Little Darlings and all about the name

Will Rogers, Charles Faram

Rooster’s Brewing Company turn 25 this year and as part of their celebrations have been organising a series of collaborative brews. Ol Fozard, Head Brewer, has joined us for hop selection on a number of occasions and had identified CF160 as a hop he would like to brew with. The name came from a farm visit when an enthusiastic farmer, proud of his crop exclaimed ‘look at those little darlings’ describing some perfectly ripe hops hanging from the bine, like grapes, just waiting to be picked. Ol asked me to join him brewing this special beer, and I was happy to oblige. The brew day was good fun, highlights being the brewers breakfast (bacon and egg butties), lots of quality control of beer, and digging out the mash tun…….

21Mar 2018

Please be advised that unfortunately we will be closed on Friday 30th March and Monday 2nd April.


The last day of despatch to receive goods before the Easter break, will be Monday 26th March for economy deliveries and Wed 28th March for a next day service.


There will be no UK collections or deliveries on Friday 30th March and Monday the 2nd April 2018.

Goods for despatch by couriers, collected on the 29th March will be delivered on Tuesday 3rd April if on a next day service and no later than Thursday 5th April, if on an economy service.


For customers outside of the UK, please contact our export department for the latest shipping dates.