It’s May, it’s the Royal Wedding. Keep an eye out on Twitter for UK/US hop marriage ideas.  We’re going to HOP on to the back of the celebrations and showcase UK  and US combos.

Here is the 3rd Recipe in the Royal Wedding #WellHopped series and it’s from Robbie Harrigan

Admiral and Amarillo flagsVienna IPA

IBU 55
EBC 11

ABV 5.6%



Classic IPA/pale ale water treatment



95%        Vienna
5%          Wheat Malt

Admiral to 10 IBU at start of boil
Late hopping at 2:1 Amarillo® to Admiral at end of boil
Steep/whirlpool again at a ratio of 2:1 Amarillo® to Admiral

Fermentis US-05 for optimum presentation of the hops.


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