Hop Products

HopInspiration® is comprised of products for bitterness addition, late hop flavour and dry hop aroma. Further natural extracts have also been used to create the HopPlus® range, offering unique, balanced flavours for specialty beers.

Totally Natural Solutions offer a range of hop products for standardised bitterness addition. Designed to replace the addition of kettle bittering hops or late hopping additions and enable a flexible and reproducible solution to the brewer for standardised hop bittering.

In their process the naturally occurring alpha acids in hop cones are isomerised and added to the kettle or post fermentation to provide the bitter character in beer. HopAlpha® products allow you to add the desired IBU’s to a range of beer styles and reduces the variability of using raw hops or pellets, while also increasing capacity in the brewing kettle.  Further benefits such as light stability and foam head retention can also be realised.

HopShot® add late hop flavour to the beer, replacing late hop or whirlpool additions of hop cones or pellets. They contain the oxygenated hop oil components and are used to add individual character such as spicy, floral, herbal, citrus and fruity notes to the beer.

Using patented fractionation technology TNS separate hop oil constituents to enrich myrcene, caryophyllene, humulene extracts creating a broad spectrum of natural hop flavour for flexible addition.    These hop oil fractions enable addition of specific hop flavours and characteristics, post fermentation whilst reducing variation and the need to remove spent hop matter. Used at dose rates, dependent on beer style, of 5-40grams/hl.

HopBurst® delivers dry hop aroma without the variability and beer loss associated with conventional hop pellet or cone use.

Volatile hop oil components are distilled from hops using proprietary technology to give a soluble, intense burst of hop aroma. The range includes dry hop extracts made from most hop varieties in commercial use.

These hop product formulations combine hop varietal oils to provide the brewer with a unique aroma and flavour to produce a multi hop character. Blending hops from traditional and emerging areas of hop growth creates dramatic sensory depth effect and an experience for the senses.

The HopPlus® range offers an innovative method of adding fruit and botanical character to speciality beer in a balanced way, without resulting haze and fermentable sugars.

Natural extracts are blended with hop extracts to create, unique, all natural flavour profiles. Dosed at the 5-10g/hl rate to offer a simple, natural method of consistent flavour addition to the brew.

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