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Order collection

If you would like to collect an order for brewing ingredients and brewing aids while you are in the area you can do so.  It’s the same set up as usual for collections, orders must be in by 10:00 the day before and collections can only be made from The Hop Store, Monksfield Lane between 09:00 and 16:30.  With staff at the HopWalk, we are unable to be flexible on this.

Fresh hops

  • Green hops and hop bines are only available for collection from the farm on Thursday 10th September
  • All fresh hops must be pre-ordered and will be ready for you to collect from the designated collection point at the HopWalk venue. Please collect when the green hop announcement is made
  • We won’t know what the variety will be until the day due to the nature of harvesting
  • Green hops must have been prepaid as they are purchased through us. 
  • Hop bines must be paid for on collection with cash as they are purchased direct from the farm
  • If you wish to pay by card for green hops, you must arrange to do so before collecting the hops.  No card payments can be taken at the farm.

Green hops

£TBC/kg Must be paid for two days before the HopWalk.

Please remember that 5kg to 8kg of green hops are the equivalent brewing value to 1kg of dried hops.

Hop bines

£TBC/ea Cash directly to the farm on HopWalk day. 

1 bine is approximately 6ft long and should be hung as soon as possible after you get home.

Atlas green hops on the bine

What does green hop beer mean?

Green hops are only available during the harvest period as they are picked from the bine and used, ideally, within 24hrs. The freshest hops allow brewers to craft beers that give completely different characteristics, flavours and aromas.

New Zealand Nelson green hops tipping into the kiln

Planning a fresh (green) hop harvest beer?

Cones at harvest have moisture of nearly 80% before they are dried down to below 12% for packing. Therefore we suggest that you increase the addition rate by five to eight times more than you would normally use

Photo of the Epic hop
We also suggest just using them at the end of the boil or in a conditioning tank for aroma only and we recommend using them within 24 hours of picking. Alpha analysis will not be available this early after picking so your normal bittering hops should be used at the start of the boil. We will be able to provide fresh hops picked and dispatched on the same day.

Ad Hop Green Hop

Ad Hop Brewing told us what they would do with their green hops after they’d collected them from our HopWalk in 2019.

10th September 2020


Pridewood Hops Ledbury HR8 2SF

On-site parking


The Charles Faram HopWalk is free of charge for two guests. Pre-booking is the only way to ensure your 2 complimentary spaces. Additional guests or guests arriving on the day without pre-booking will be charged at the full rate of £30 per person per day.

We strive to ensure a productive and insightful programme. Therefore, we implement a cancellation charge of £30 after 28th August and a no show charge of £30 for non-attendance on the day for each day.

The event is by invitation only, but if you think that you’ve been missed then get in touch


The confirmation will provide more detail on location, your itinerary and recommended accommodation.