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Five minutes with Faram’s – Matheau Hicks and Oliver Parsons of Arundel Brewery

Matheau Hicks and Oliver Parsons of Arundel Brewery

What’s your favourite hop?


Oliver: my favourite hop is Mosaic®

What’s your favourite beer?


Oliver: my favourite beer is not available in the UK and is Swish by Bissell Brother, it’s phenomenal


Mat: Westmalle dubbel

Favourite Food & Beer pairing?


Oliver: You can’t beat a good spicy meat pizza with a lovely NEIPA

Favourite beer destination?


Oliver: Last year I had the opportunity to tour the New England area of America and it has amazing taprooms and great beer to boot


Mat: Belgium. I have been a few times and it has been amazing beer and weather.

Favourite pub in the UK?


Oliver: The Lockhart tavern in Haywards Heath, It has the nicest staff with an great ever changing craft beer range


Mat: Georgi Fin in Worthing, Was my local micro pub.

What’s the one item in the brewery you couldn’t live without?


Oliver: I could not live without our Anton Paar cbox


Mat: Tea bags!

Favourite song/album/artist/music to play during a brew day?


Oliver: Its pretty much non stop metal throughout the day but mostly KillSwitch Engage


Mat: Metal with splatters of synthwave and some occasional Kraftwerk.

If you weren’t in the brewing industry, what would you be doing?


Oliver: I’d probably still be stuck behind a desk as a picture editor


Mat: Producing in the TV & Film world.

Biggest inspiration in brewing?


Mat: Local legend Mark Tranter. Dark Star were the first beers I was drinking and what he is now doing at Burning Sky is just awesome!

Favourite beer festival?


Oliver: Northern Monk’s Hop City Leeds

What got you into brewing?


Mat: I had always wanted to give it a go and my wife bought me a kit one Christmas. I told myself I wouldn’t let this hobby get out of hand. So here I am!

Favourite interest/hobby outside of brewing?


Mat: I do late Victorian military re-enactment (Zulu war era). It’s a good switch off and great sitting round a camp fire in the evening drinking far too much port with friends.

What’s the last beer you brewed?


Our brand new DIPA “Dragonfly”

Fuggles or Goldings?


Oliver: Golding

Mat: Goldings


What’s next for Arundel Brewery?


Getting our brand-new canning line up and running

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