Hawkshead Brewery take home double Gold at SIBA North West Independent Beer Awards


Hawkshead Brewery in Cumbria have taken home the two top spots at the SIBA North West Independent Beer Awards, winning overall Gold in both the cask and small pack (bottle and can) competitions.

The prestigious awards, run by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and held at the Macron stadium in Bolton, are judged by brewers and beer experts and seen very much as the brewers’ choice awards in the industry.

Hawkshead’s “Windermere Pale” took home the overall Gold in the cask competition and is described as being a “highly refreshing, very pale ale, bursting with hop character and a fine fruity aroma”. Hawkhead’s “Brodie’s Prime Export”, a stronger version of their popular Brodie’s Prime bitter, was named overall small pack winner and is described as a “Rich, complex, strong dark ale, with aromas of dark chocolate, treacle sweet flavours, roasted bitterness, a surprising fruitiness and a long dry finish.”

Commenting on the win was SIBA Competitions Committee Chair Guy Sheppard, who presented the awards,

“These awards are judged in blind-tasting by brewers and industry experts, so to take home overall Gold across two categories is a first in England and something Hawkshead should be extremely proud of – I’d like to congratulate them and all of the other brewers who won awards as the quality of entries was high across the board.” 

Alex Brodie from Hawkshead collected their award and had this to say on their win, “We’re staggered, we’ve been coming to these awards for a very long time and you leave elated if you win one or two, so to win overall in two is just amazing. Our head brewer Matt is the genius behind all of this and the one who gives us amazing consistency, huge innovation, and style in our beers and these awards are down to him and the whole team at Hawkshead brewery. We’ll be cracking open the odd bottle to celebrate with the entire brewing team and bar staff!”

The competition took place prior to the opening of the Bolton Beer Festival 2017, at the Macron Stadium in Bolton, which continues through until saturday 7th October. Former details visit http://www.beer-festival.co.uk

Overall Champion of the Cask Competition

Sponsored by Napthens SolicitorsBreweryProductABV
Gold Hawkshead BreweryWindermere Pale3.5
Silver Hooded Ram Brewing CompanyConrod Hoppy Pale4.8
Bronze Northern Monkey Brew CoUnderdog6

Cask Standard Mild Ales & Brown Ales

Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & SonsBreweryProductABV
GoldThe Borough BrewerySummertime Dark4
SilverCoach House Brewing Co LtdGunpowder Mild3.8
BronzeWatermill Inn & Windermere Brewing CoBlackbeard3.7

Cask Standard Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & SonsBreweryProductABV
Gold Hawkshead Brewery Windermere Pale3.5
Silver Blackedge Brewing Company Ltd Session3.5
Bronze Prospect Brewery Ltd Whatever!3.9

Cask Best Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by SPASoft LtdBreweryProductABV
Gold Spitting FeathersBrainstorm4
Silver Barngates BreweryTag Lag4.4
Bronze Hophurst Brewery LtdCosmati4.2

Premium Bitters & Pale Ales 

Sponsored by Charles Faram & Co LtdBreweryProductABV
Gold Hooded Ram Brewing Company Conrod Hoppy Pale4.8
Silver RedWillow Brewery Wreckless4.8
Bronze Blackedge Brewing Company Ltd IPA4.7

Cask Strong Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & SonsBreweryProductABV
Gold Prospect Brewery LtdBig Adventure5.5
Silver RedWillow BreweryShameless5.9
Bronze Peerless BrewingKnee Buckler IPA5.2

Cask Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, Strong Milds & Strong Brown Ales

Gold Northern Monkey Brew CoUnderdog6
Silver Brewsmith BeerOatmeal Stout5.2
Bronze keswick Brewing CoDark Horse6

Cask Speciality Light Beers

Sponsored by CBI InsuranceBreweryProductABV
Gold Fool Hardy Ales Riptide5
Silver Coach House Brewing Co Ltd Elderflower4.1
Bronze Blackedge Brewing Company Ltd Ginger4.5

Cask Speciality Mid to Dark Beers

Gold RedWillow BrewerySmokeless5.7
Silver Lancaster Brewerychestnut red4.5
Bronze Cumbrian Legendary AlesVanilla Oatmill Stout4.8

Champion Small Pack Beers

Sponsored by Beatson Clark LtdBreweryProductABV
Gold Hawkshead Brewery Brodie’s Prime Export8.5
Silver Wily Fox Brewery Karma Citra4.3
Bronze Brightside Brewing Company Amarillo Single Hop IPA5

Small Pack Standard Mild Ales & Brown Ales 

Gold Brimstage BreweryScarecrow4.2
Silver Southport Brewery LtdDark Night3.9
Bronze Keswick Brewing CoKeswick Bitter3.7

Small Pack Standard Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Muntons PlcBreweryProductABV
Gold Wily Fox Brewery Karma Citra4.3
Silver Bollington Brewing Co. White Nancy3.6
Bronze Brimstage Brewery Sandpiper Light Ale3.6

Small Pack Premium Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Rastal GmbH & Co KGBreweryProductABV
Gold Wily Fox BreweryBlack Pearl Black IPA4.9
Silver Keswick Brewing CoKSB4.8
Bronze Hawkshead BrewerySundown4.5

Small Pack Strong Bitters & Pale Ales

Gold Brightside Brewing CompanyAmarillo Single Hop IPA5
Silver Hawkshead BreweryNZPA6
Bronze Weetwood AlesOregon Pale5

Small Pack Premium Strong Beers

Gold Hawkshead BreweryBrodie’s Prime Export8.5
SilverWatermill Inn & Windermere Brewing CoShih Tzu Faced7
Bronze Spitting FeathersNSFW7.5

Small Pack Premium Lager & Pilsners

Gold Hawkshead Brewery Hawkshead Lager5
Silver Joseph Holt Ltd Crystal Gold4.6
Bronze Brightside Brewing Company Helles Lager4.8

Small Pack Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, Strong Milds & Strong Brown Ales

Gold Blackedge Brewing Company LtdBlack Stout4
Silver Windmill BreweryLiverpool Porter4.5
Bronze Weetwood AlesMaori Sidestep4.4

Small Pack Speciality Light Beers 

Gold Coach House Brewing Co Ltd Blueberry Classic Bitter5
Silver Joseph Holt Ltd Humdinger4.1
Bronze Hawkshead Brewery Chuckleberry Sour3.5

Small Pack Speciality Mid to Dark Beers 

Gold Prospect Brewery LtdClementine5
Silver Hawkshead BreweryTiramisu Imperial Stout10
Bronze Alphabet Brewing CoFlat White7.4