HopShot® is fully light stable and added post fermentation to give flavour, mouthfeel and extra body to your beer. Totally Natural Solutions Ltd have developed a range of late-hop soluble products for direct addition to beer post fermentation. A new green technology has been used to fractionate hop oils to give spicy, floral, herbal and citrus character, which can then be independently added. Late hop extracts are also available as the named hop variety. Read more here: What is HopShot®, dosage rates and traditional late hopping vs TNS HopShot®
  • HopShot® Spicy – significantly enhances the ‘spicy’, grassy and woody aromas adding body and mouthfeel
  • HopShot® Sylvan – particularly useful for suppressing off notes and boosting flavour whilst enhancing woody and spicy notes
  • HopShot® Floral – this fraction will enhance the ‘fresh’ hop, tropical fruit and soft fruit flavours whilst providing a floral note
  • HopShot® Herbal – contributes a ‘green’ note to beer and enhances the fruity and fresh hop flavours whilst reducing the cereal and sulphury character
  • HopShot® Citrus – provides a strong citrus, grapefruit note and enhances the floral taste
  • HopShot® IPA – gives an IPA hopped beer a serious boost
  • HopShot® Lager – hop fractions combined to give flavour to this often maligned beer style
  • HopShot® Pilsner – clean, crisp and refreshing!
  • HopShot® Hero – low and alcohol free beer need not taste the same again
  • HopShot® Ale – add a traditional, subtle hint of spicy and floral notes to your beer
  • HopShot® Stout – a floral, geraniol notes which complements dark, chocolately malt flavours