Our commitment to hop quality and customer service is top priority at all Charles Faram sites and our customers around the world.

Here are some of the ways both historical and new that show how invested we are in ensuring we supply the best quality hops.



  • In July 2017 we invested in new 0° cold storage facilities in Yakima.  Hops have been shipped here direct from farms before shipping on to the UK


  • Employed a very experienced, top quality hop manager, Sean McGree, to inspect and check the quality of every batch we receive


  • In 2016 we employed Quality Manager, Chris Lane, who has enabled us to receive our ISO9001 certification


  • We have insisted on refrigerated containers for all our shipments from the USA and New Zealand


  • We have had an independent laboratory check every sample of hops we buy to ensure they comply with EU pesticide legislation


  • We have invested in newpacking lines to vacuum seal and nitrogen flush all hops that come on site at the Hop Store in Worcestershire


  • We have just opened our new cold storage facility (0°-1°C) at our Newland site


Sean McGree at the Yakima site said, “We are indeed very particular about the quality of the hop delivered to our warehouse. We watch for moisture and temperature in the bales first and foremost, but we also closely monitor the H.S.I. Too high of an H.S.I. means the hop was not harvested properly and this can lead to a rejection of bales as well. We rejected more than 400 bales during 2017’s harvest because they did not meet our quality specifications.”