Save the date – June 15th is Beer Day Britain (national beer day). This year it is on a Friday so the beer celebrations are extended into a long weekend called ‘Say Cheers To Beer’ to take advantage of Father’s Day being on Sunday June 17th.   Without brewers making beer Beer Day Britain would not be possible!

Beer Day Britain has been very successful since it started in 2015 with support throughout the brewing and pub industry and with retailers.

If you have not celebrated Beer Day Britain in previous years would you join in this year?  This is what brewers have done in past years.


  • Brewed a celebration beer.


  • Hosted events in their tap rooms


  • Joined the national cheers to beer at 7pm.


  • Meet the Brewer events.


  • Given away beer in customer competition to help customers celebrate Beer Day Britain.


  • Used social media to build support for Beer Day Britain.


Who is behind Beer Day Britain?

Beer Day Britain was instigated in 2015 by beer sommelier, broadcaster and writer Jane Peyton.  She works on the project on a voluntary basis.

Contact Details:

Jane Peyton, Project Manager

Twitter:  @BeerDayBritain