Fermentis logoWhy use Fermentis yeast ?

As the craft brewing industry develops, the need to produce consistent high quality beers becomes even more important. The range of beer styles demanded by the market adds to the difficulty of yeast management, especially in the smaller brewery where the resources of both time and equipment are limited. Market demands for successful brands will require each batch to be flavour-matched to previous brews.

To assist in this goal, Fermentis supply a range of true brewer’s yeast in a dry, ready to pitch form. The yeast are produced in dedicated, state of the art propagation facilities and then carefully dried to preserve their characteristics. True lager yeast are available from recognised European sources enabling batch production of high quality lagers. A range of speciality ale yeast have also been developed to produce ales with authentic flavour profiles.

All Fermentis dry yeast offer a long, 3 year shelf life giving advantages in both distribution and storage. Rehydration is a simple procedure and correct yeast counts are achieved by pitching a known weight of yeast to the wort. No propagation or laboratory input is needed at this stage. As the yeast is monitored closely during manufacture, the microbial quality is assured. Rapid, true to type fermentations also add the advantage of predictable fermentation output, essential for good planning in a busy brewery