UK office team

The staff at Charles Faram are very friendly and look forward to helping you.

Photo of Paul Corbett

Paul Corbett
Managing Director

Photo of Sonia Mackintosh

Sonia Mackintosh

Photo of Will Rogers

Will Rogers
Sales Director

Photo of Ben Adams

Ben Adams
Technical Sales Adviser

Beth Eaton
Technical Sales Adviser

Photo of Emily Powell-Tuck

Emily Powell-Tuck
Sales Adviser

Photo of Jason Little

Jason Little
Sales Adviser

Photo of Robbie Harrigan

Robbie Harrigan
Sales Adviser

Photo of Mark Lovegrove

Mark Lovegrove
Sales Adviser

Photo of Charlie Gorham

Charlie Gorham
Marketing & PR Manager


Photo of Andrew Whalley

Andrew Whalley
International Sales Manager

Lucy Walters
Export Logistics Manager
Rachel Handley
Export Sales and Logistics Assistant
Tracey Pegram
Export Sales Administrator


Photo of Tracey Amphlett

Tracey Amphlett
Accounts Director

Photo of Rachel Knowles

Rachel Knowles
Accounts Administrator

Photo of Penny Arntzen

Penny Arntzen
Contracts Administrator

Pat Watten
Credit Control Assistant
Lisa Perks
Contracts Manager


Photo of Tina George

Tina George
Office Director

Photo of Julie Hopwood

Julie Hopwood
Sales Adminstrator

Photo of Rebecca Corbett

Rebecca Corbett
Sales Administrator

Photo of Sarah Cooke

Sarah Cooke
Sales Adminstrator

Julia Pearson
Sales Administrator


Photo of Simon Smith

Simon Smith
Production Director

Photo of Chris Lane

Chris Lane
Quality Control Manager

Photo of Tim Luckham

Tim Luckham
Stock Administrator

Photo of Russ Johnson

Russ Johnson
Warehouse Supervisor

Photo of Terry Price

Terry Price
Warehouse Supervisor

Photo of Justin walters

Justin Walters
Deputy Supervisor

Photo of Chris Monk

Chris Monk
Warehouse Assistant

Photo of Richard Luckham

Rich Luckham
Warehouse Assistant

Photo of Ian Jones

Ian Jones
Warehouse Assistant

Photo of Andy Holtham

Andy Holtham
Warehouse Assistant

Jim Walters
Warehouse Assistant
Rich Evans
Warehouse Assistant
Arunas Valavicius
Productionn Supervisor
Nicolae Popescu
Production Operative
Silviu Cladoveanu
Production Operative