Shives and Keystones

The following Rankin Shives and Keystones are available from stock or to order:-

DescriptionS=Stock Item
O=Order only
Rankin LLDPE KeystoneO
Rankin Shive Extractor (Chisel type)O
Rankin Shive Extractor (Hammer type)O
Rankin EVO C Band Shive (DISCONTINUED)
Rankin Hard Wood Spile 58mmS
Rankin Thermoplastic Keystone No 2 (K1) – cold fillS
Rankin Thermoplastic Keystone No 1O
Rankin Thermoplastic Keystone No 2 (K2) – hot fillS
Rankin Keystone DriverO
Rankin Wooden Lime Keystone No 2O
Rankin Plastic PegsS
Rankin 3 1/4 Plastic Taps with Nut & Downpipe”O
Rankin Pub BagO
Rankin White Rubber MalletO
Rankin Clear Plastic Shive Ribbed MembraneS
Rankin Clear Plastic Shive D Band MembraneS
Rankin Orange Plastic Shive D (Clear) Band MembraneO
Rankin Wooden Shive with Red TutO
Rankin Wooden Shive 1/2 bored ring cut 2 & 1/16O
Rankin Soft Pegs Cane Porous Spile 38mmS
Rankin Straight Clip CorksO
Rankin White Wood Tap 7 open end”O
Rankin Tapered Clip CorksO
Rankin Red Tut replacement for Wooden ShivesO
Rankin Vial CorksO
63mm Diameter Push On Cap Rankin Winged Shive – PlasticO
70mm Diameter Push On CapO
75mm Diameter Push On CapO
Taps for Casks – Black Plastic Tap BSP 3/4″O
Taps for Casks – Stainless Steel Turn Down Spout 3/4″ x 1/2″O
Taps for Casks – Hexagon NutO
Taps for Casks – Whitewood Cork End 7.1/2″O
Taps for Casks – Whitewood Open End 7″O
Cotton Bar Towel 23 x 50cmO
Drop Pad Single 24 x 26 x 12″O
Drop Pad Double 24 x 36 x 12″O
Shive Extractor Hammer TypeO
Keystone DriverO
Beer & Cider Bottle Corks 25.5mm Micro Agglomerate (for sparkling wine style bottle)O
Wire Tie Muselet no CapO
Wire Tie Muselet with Gold CapO
PVC Capsules and Sleeves for Beer, Cider & Sparkling Wine style bottlesO
Polylaminate Capsules and Foils for Sparkling Wine style bottlesO