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Advice package for brewers put together by SIBA followed by other useful links

SIBA – The voice of British Independent Brewing

SIBA 22.10.20

Responding to the Chancellor’s announcement of further support for businesses under Tier 2 and 3 restrictions, the Society of Independent Brewers say British breweries are ‘part of the fabric of hospitality’ and must be included in Government measures:

“Today’s extension of the JSS scheme announced by the Chancellor will help retain jobs in pubs and bars over this incredibly difficult winter period.

Separately, the Chancellor’s announcement that Government will offer grants for hospitality businesses struggling under Tier 2 restrictions is very welcome.

But the fact that small breweries are not automatically eligible is a hammer blow. Small breweries are part of the fabric of hospitality and Government should make all breweries automatically eligible for the grants and JSS support as the rest of hospitality. Breweries who employ skilled people should not left at the mercy of discretionary grants which many didn’t get last time around.

SIBA 16.10.20

Important Message from The Drinks Trust: Emergency Grants still available

SIBA would like to remind its members that The Drinks Trust, the drinks industry charity and community organisation, has launched an emergency financial grant aimed at providing support to members of the brewing industry who have been made redundant in the last four months, those in the process of redundancy or to those who have seen their salaries drastically reduced. For those facing severe financial hardship, over 150 emergency grants of £250 from The Drinks Trust are still available. Depending on demand and ongoing donations to the charity, more may be made available in coming weeks.

Click here to find out more about The Drinks Trust’s End of Furlough Grant and how to apply.

SIBA 28.09.2020

  • Beer sales halved: Sales at 51% of what brewers would have expected for a ‘normal’ July
  • Breweries did not produce as much beer this summer due to Covid: 68% of breweries have remained trading but brewed fewer times, 11% temporarily closed the brewery but have now reopened, 8% remained the same throughout, 6% remained trading but didn’t brew.
  • Staffing levels still lower: 35% of staff back full-time following furlough, and 30% back part-time
  • Government lack of support: 90% of respondents do not believe the Government are doing enough to help small independent brewers
  • Global brewers grabbing marketshare: 96% of respondents think the large multinational brewers stand to increase their market share from Covid 19 to the detriment of small independent brewers overall
  • Lasting negative impact on industry: 64% expect Covid to have a strong negative impact on their business throughout 2020-2021, 27% except a moderate negative impact, 4% expect a neutral impact, 2% expect a moderate positive impact, 2% expect a strong positive impact.

SIBA 16.10.2020 

Scotland: New Covid restrictions support fund of up to £40 million

The Scottish Government have earmarked up to £40 million to support employees and businesses impacted by the new restrictions. The COVID-19 Restrictions Fund will be available to hospitality and other businesses required to close (except for takeaway) by these new restrictions regulations. It operates as a two-tiered scheme, with a smaller grant of £2,000 for businesses with a Rateable Value (RV) of under £51,000 and a larger grant of £3,000 for those businesses with a RV over £51,000.  An upper limit of £15,000 in total will apply to any eligible business operating multiple premises.

At the same time, Local Authorities will invite applications for a business hardship fund –  with payments of £1,000 or  £1500, dependent on Rateable Value –   to  support some businesses that remain open but are still significantly impacted by the restrictions, including those in the direct supply chains of firms that must close. An upper limit of £10,000 will apply in total to any eligible business operating multiple premises.

It is SIBA’s understanding that brewers of cask beer will be able to apply for funds as you meet the second criteria of business above.


Emergency grants continued… Additionally, the brewing industry has not received the level of financial support from the Government that the hospitality sector has, and that support hasn’t stopped job losses in hospitality. From November 2020, The Job Support Scheme replaces furlough, and whilst the support for small businesses and the hospitality sector is welcomed, it doesn’t change the situation for the many people in the brewing industry who have been made redundant in recent months, and those who will be in the weeks ahead.

As a result, The Drinks Trust, the drinks industry charity and community organisation, will be stepping in to provide support to members of the brewing industry who have been made redundant in the last four months and those in the process of redundancy.

For those facing severe financial hardship, 200 emergency grant of £250 from The Drinks Trust are now available. Depending on demand and ongoing donations to the charity, more may be made available in coming weeks.

The Drinks Trust will also look to provide mental health services to bring industry colleagues and support across talking therapies, sleep and insomnia treatment and mindful drinking.

To find out more about The Drinks Trust’s End of Furlough Grant and how to apply, please visit –

Ross Carter, The Drinks Trust Chief Executive, said: “We particularly wanted to reach out to those in the brewing sector, who like many others in the drinks and hospitality industries have been hard hit, and have gone without the support of others. Industries like brewing, risk being amongst those who go unseen by the public, despite having faced some of the most significant challenges in their careers in recent months”

James Calder, SIBA Chief Executive commented: “The hospitality industry is being devastated by the Coronavirus social distancing and lockdown measures imposed on it, with small independent brewers some of the worst hit having received no support from Government. SIBA are working with the Drinks Trust on the End of Furlough Grant and would encourage anyone impacted by redundancy to apply for the grant today and speak to the Drinks Trust about the ongoing support they can offer those who have fallen on hard times.”

Business are welcome to donate and support The Drinks Trust’s End of Furlough Grant by emailing The Drinks Trust;

The Drinks Trust also offers additional wellbeing support open to all colleagues in the industry, including counselling, help with sleep and insomnia and support through their mindful drinking programme to find out more visit:

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Online sales - get selling direct


List your brewery on the Craft Beer Hour website

As brewery sales to pub have been dramatically impacted by the Government measures advising people to avoid pubs many breweries are putting their efforts into online sales. SIBA are lobbying Government to relax the licensing laws to make it easier for small independent breweries to sell beer direct to the public and we will advise on this further once we have more information.

In the meantime for those breweries who can sell direct to the public one quick and easy way to get the word out is to list it here on the Craft Beer Hour website for free – simply click ‘Submit your Business’. You can also apply to be a ‘Featured Brewery’, for more info on promoting your brewery click here.

Pulling together header

#PullingTogether Campaign
Scroll down to ‘All initiatives’ to see what’s going on.  You can also list your business activities here.


Publican support phone line 

A support hotline for pub owners and operators, in order to provide information on financial support available to them during this crisis.

You can freephone: 0207 728 2556

Enquire via email at:

Or find out more by clicking the link below


Bottling & Canning Services

SIBA Members have made efforts to open up their bottling and canning services to assist independent breweries who don’t have in-house bottling / canning lines get their beers into small pack and out into the market.

You can find out more about who is offering this service by clicking on the button above.

How to launch a takeaway offer

Amid the Government’s advice for the public to avoid the pub, some sites have opted to deliver food to self-isolating customers who still crave pub grub. 

Challenge insurers to meet their obligations to the sector

15.05.2020 from SIBA

SIBA, the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) and the hospitality sector have come together to call on the Association of British Insurers to provide further support for pubs & breweries hit by the Coronavirus crisis.  

Read more here and if you’ve had your insurance cover refused complete this short survey from SIBA

Furlough scheme extended to October

The Chancellor has confirmed that the Coronavirus Job Retention (furlough) Scheme will be extended to October and that from the start of August, furloughed workers will be able to return to work part-time with employers being asked to pay a percentage towards the salaries of their furloughed staff.

The employer payments will substitute the contribution the government is currently making, ensuring that staff continue to receive 80% of their salary, up to £2,500 a month.

Cask Marque Guide to bar and cellar closures process (Cask & Keg)

An excellent guide created by the expert Cask Marque assessor team and Avanti Solutions. If you are closing down your taproom, pub or bar then this guide tells you how to do it safely and hygienically so that when you do need to use it again it will still be in perfect condition.

Click here to download

Storing ingredients

How to store hops

Storing hops – We thought that it would be useful to publish some pointers on how to store your hops, not only as normal best practice, but especially in these times where some breweries are closing temporarily

NCYC Wet/Fresh Yeast Supply service update

23/03/2020 An update from Murphy & Son on your storage options

25/03/2020 We are asking that customers send yeast to both Murphys Lab and Direct to NCYC.  This way if NCYC has to close we can store the strains temporarily at Murphys on agar slopes.

The buttons link to the prices and to the form Murphy’s needs to be filled in to be able to store the yeast.  Adam Divall who is Murphy’s Senior Microbiologist will be happy to assist Faram’s and Murphy’s customers to get this sorted.


The addresses are as follows: 

National Collection of Yeast Cultures, QIB Extra, Norwich Research Park, NORWICH NR4 7UQ

The Laboratory, Murphy and Son Ltd, Alpine Street Old Basford, Nottingham, NG6 0HQ.

Customers should drop Adam an email to let Murphy’s know that they’re coming in he can sort the logistics from there.

Murphy’s are offering a 25% discount off the first propagation brewers request when normal business resumes, but highlight that this is quite an unprecedented situation – new pitches typically take 3 weeks to grow up to pitch-able volumes and the demand for this service is going to be extremely high all at the same time ,so there is likely to be timing issues in terms of getting the yeast ready to go.  It’s best that everyone knows this upfront.  Murphy’s are working on guides and help to reduce this time and get the most out of the pitch which they will send out in due course.Murphy

Licensed Trade Charity

Licensed Trade Charity: How they can help 

The Licensed Trade Charity’s free helpline is open 24/7/365 on 0808 801 0550 for professional advice on any issues you may have, health, money or otherwise.

Message from LTC: “We understand that the hospitality sector has already been impacted and will be further hit hard in the coming months, especially as the Government has increased social distancing and self-isolation measures.

The Licensed Trade Charity stands strong in this sea of uncertainty offering support to licensed trade people and the good news is that a lot of these issues are not new to us, we have been supporting licensed trade people for many years.”

Some of the support they can offer:

  • Short term hardship grants* for those in extreme financial hardship are available to licensed trade people.
  • Financial support* with rent or mortgage interest arrears and if you are at threat of losing your accommodation we can give practical help.
  • Emotional support for any worries that you have about you and your family’s are experiencing in the current economic climate.
  • Practical advice provided by trained CAB specialists giving guidance on varied issues
  • Mental (or emotional) Well-being.

Mental health support for pub staff

By Emily Hawkins

There are several charities offering resources to publicans struggling with their mental health, such as helplines and worksheets.


Crowdfunder offering 100% free fund-raising for your business

Crowdfunder are offering 100% free fundraising for your business along with support from Enterprise Nation. If you’re concerned about the survival of your business and think that you could benefit from  road funding from your customers or other beer-lovers then click the link below.

Message from Crowdfunder: We are offering this service 100% free, so every penny you raise will go to you. This has been set-up very quickly in response to this growing crisis, so please bear with us and forgive us if you see any references to fees throughout the set-up process. Any fees do not apply, that’s our guarantee.

Legal advice

1 Hour Free Legal Advice via Napthens + New HR Service

SIBA provides a legal & business helpline for its members, provided by Silver Supplier Associate member, Napthens.

The helpline can deal with any legal or commercial query from employment or HR through to raising finance and is manned by a specialist team of solicitors with a great deal of experience in dealing with breweries whether they are micro, local or regional. The team can be contacted on 0845 671 0277 or on

SIBA Legal Help Line (1 Hour free)
CALL: 0845 671 0277

HR Service for Breweries

A large proportion of the queries received through the helpline relate to HR and employment law issues, so Napthens has created a be-spoke package tailored to the brewing industry. HR3 gives you everything you need to deal with the HR side of the business. You also get protection and peace of mind if a claim is brought against you in the Employment Tribunal.

This is a paid-for service, but Napthens offer all SIBA members a 10% discount. For more info click here.

Scottish Drinks Industry Charity

The Ben: The Scottish Drinks Industry Charity

To find out what support you may be eligible for, please contact us by completing a short online form (via button below) and one of the team will be touch to discuss your circumstances. Alternatively, you can contact Chris Gardner directly by email or by calling 0141 353 3596.

You can also call our FREE Mental Health Support Line on 0800 915 4610

Drink Trust

The Drinks Trust (Formerly The Benevolent)

The Drinks Trust is now open for applications for financial support to individuals who have been significantly affected as a result of COVID-19. The Trust will look to support up to 2000 people.

For more information and to apply visit:

We thank you for your understanding. If you require urgent support please contact our helpline: 0800 915 4610 

HMRC Helpline

Because of the pressure put on businesses by the Coronavirus the Government are allowing breweries to defer their Beer Tax payments

If you cannot pay because of the Coronavirus, call the HMRC Coronavirus helpline.

HMRC Coronavirus Helpline
Telephone: 0800 015 9559
Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
Saturday, 8am to 4pm

Other useful links

James Calder
CEO of SIBA. A must follow

The voice of British independent brewing.

Supporting brewers, cider makers and the pubs trade during these uncertain times

We’re pressing the Government for urgent interventions to keep pubs from closing

Stay safe people.  We will support you where we can.

Please be aware of unavoidable disruption to our delivery service. For pallet deliveries check out the plan of distribution days from our pallet delivery service