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Fermentis Winter Webinars with Charles Faram

graphic showing the dates for the winter webinars and a photo of Gino Baart, the host

09 Oct

Active Dry Yeast production, quality and shelf life


16 Oct

Rehydration vs Direct Pitching of Active Dry Yeast, what is best?


30 Oct

Impact of  temperature, pitching rate and original gravity on flavour profile of beer


06 Nov

Yeast & hop interactions I – What’s the best yeast for New England IPA?


27 Nov

Yeast & hop interactions II – Focus on Brut IPA & the impact of hopping regime


04 Dec

Brewing low alcohol beer with SafBrew™ LA-01


11 Dec

Brewing kettle soured beer with SafSour™ LP-652


17 Dec (This is a Thursday!)

Create and maintain permanent haze in beer with Spring’Blanche™