Kent based natural hop extract business, Totally Natural Solutions Ltd, are pleased to announce the completion of a new company Headquarters and Laboratory facility in Paddock Wood.

The investment will support continuing growth in sales of the company’s flagship HopInspiration® range of natural hop extracts for late hop, dry hop and bittering replacement, which deliver consistent, intense hop aroma and flavour.

TNS are continuing to develop sales within Asia, Europe and the USA, through a network of distribution partners, with the business now operating globally.

The new facilities further expand TNS’ offering, with the new laboratory providing analytical services such as beer analysis, and hop alpha, beta and oil compositions to brewers. Sensory profiling of beer can also be undertaken, and adjustments made from the hop extracts on offer, to correct BU and aroma intensity. The new development laboratory, in conjunction with further investment in the TNS Research and Development hop product pipeline, ensures that TNS commits to natural solutions for hop derived foam enhancement, natural bittering and tropical hop extracts.

The business continues to carry out its patented extraction process for HopShot® and HopBurst® at its secondary site in East Peckham.

Colin Wilson, Managing Director of TNS said “This is an exciting time for TNS as its products become firmly established in brewers’ mindsets as a serious alternative to hopping with leaf or pellets. The quality of our hop extracts delivers true dry and late hop character and this investment supports these products with great customer service and development of further functional natural hop extracts. In addition, the cost efficiency of using hop extracts returns savings to the brewers in a highly competitive market, whilst offering the consumer some intense hop flavours in their beer.

We also continue to invest in our people, with the recent hire of Rebecca Lobel as Financial Controller and Karen Haggerty as Quality Manager.  I believe this has added real depth to the TNS team as we seek to continue to add high calibre staff to our operation”