HopSensation® is fully light stable and added post fermentation to give flavour and aroma to your beer.

Current products include:

  • HopSensation® Midnight Blush – accentuates floral notes and provides a light scented rose petal aroma
  • HopSensation® Pear-Fect 10 – with pear notes this provides an interesting sweet fruits aroma and flavour
  • HopSensation® Dynamite – a mix of new and old world hops certain to blow your mind. Fruity and herbal note explosion
  • HopSensation® Deep Sea – our unique blend of mega hops gives you a serious hop intensity typical of a US pale ale
  • HopSensation® Invicta – combining the finest English hops with subtle fruity notes for the perfect golden ale
  • HopSensation® Sunburst – citrus in nature, Sunburst offers a refreshing hoppy balance suited to most beer styles

Pack size: 1lt flask