Hop Varieties

Availability and prices

Our Hop Varieties list is updated on a regular basis with stock availability and prices.  If you would like to subscribe to this, please click here and ask to be added to our distribution list. Click here to check on availability only.


A list of the varieties along with their characteristics that are available from us.

To download the brochure PDF click here Hop variety brochure (updated October 2017)



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NameCountryAlpha AcidCohumuloneInfo
AdmiralUK14-16%37-45More Info
AgnusCzech Republic12-14%29-38More Info
Ahtanum®USA5-8%30-35More Info
Amarillo®USA7-11%21-24More Info
AmethystCzech Republic3.5-6%20-25More Info
Apollo™USA15-19%24-28More Info
AramisFrance6-8%21-22More Info
Archer®UK4-6%32-38More Info
AtlasSlovenia5-9%36-38More Info
AuroraSlovenia5-9%23-28More Info
Azacca™USA14-16%16-18More Info
Barbe RougeFrance7-10%24-28More Info
BeataUK5-7%23-28More Info
Belma®USA12-15%More Info
BoadiceaUK6-9%21-27More Info
BobekSlovenia2-5%27-31More Info
BouclierFrance7-9%20-25More Info
Bramling CrossUK5-8%26-31More Info
Bravo™USA14-18%29-34More Info
Brewers GoldFrance, Germany5-9%40-48More Info
BullionUSA8-11%35-40More Info
Bullion UKUK8-11%35-40More Info
CalypsoUSA11-14%40-42More Info
CardinalSlovenia8-10%31-37More Info
Cascade NZNew Zealand5-9%33-40More Info
Cascade UKUK5-9%35-42More Info
Cascade USUSA5-9%33-40More Info
CeleiaSlovenia2-5%26-29More Info
CentennialUSA7-12%29-30More Info
CF102 (Crusader)Hop Development Programme4-5%More Info
CF103 (Duchess)Hop Development Programme4-5%More Info
CF104 (Landlady)Hop Development Programme4-5%More Info
CF105 (Keyworth E)Hop Development Programme5-6%More Info
CF106 (Janus)Hop Development ProgrammeMore Info
CF107 (Keyworth M)Hop Development Programme4-5%More Info
CF110 (930)Hop Development Programme3-4%More Info
CF111 (1160)Hop Development Programme6-8%More Info
CF112 (1180)Hop Development Programme6-8%More Info
CF113 (Baron)Hop Development Programme4.5-7%More Info
CF114 (Bishop)Hop Development Programme4.5-6%More Info
CF115 (G1070)Hop Development Programme4-6%More Info
ChallengerUK5-9%20-25More Info
ChelanUSA12-15%33-35More Info
ChinookUSA11-15%29-35More Info
Citra®USA11-14%22-24More Info
ClusterUSA6-9%37-43More Info
ColumbusUSA14-20%28-32More Info
CometUSA9-11%40-45More Info
CrystalUSA3-6%20-26More Info
DanaSlovenia9-13%28-31More Info