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Fresh (Green) Hops

What does green hop beer mean?

Green hops are only available during the harvest period as they are picked from the bine and used, ideally, within 24hrs. The freshest hops allow brewers to craft beers that give completely different characteristics, flavours and aromas.

Planning a fresh (green) hop harvest beer?

Cones at harvest have moisture of nearly 80% before they are dried down to below 12% for packing. Therefore we suggest that you increase the addition rate by five to eight times more than you would normally use

We also suggest just using them at the end of the boil or in a conditioning tank for aroma only and we recommend using them within 24 hours of picking. Alpha analysis will not be available this early after picking so your normal bittering hops should be used at the start of the boil. We will be able to provide fresh hops picked and dispatched on the same day.
Photo of the Epic hop

Andy from Ad Hop tells us about the journey his green hops will take