About Dolium: One-way PET Keg

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All standard fittings

Compatable with all machines


Financial profit

The highest quality for a competitive price. Significant operational, logistical and capital savings.

Product integrity

FDA & CE certified. Shelf life equal to stainless steel. Safety essentials including Pressure Relief Valve.

Operational fit

Compatible to existing filling and draught equipment, reclosable valve system, standard connectors.


100% Recyclable.
No return trip, no cleaning, no loss, no waste.

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Significant savings

Dolium® one-way kegs  enable beverage producers  significant savings in various markets including:

Export where trips to destinations are long, complex and expensive

Long distance within large geographical national markets

Seasonal peaks requiring upfront investment in extra kegs

High risk destinations, implying hard to retrieve kegs and no-deposit markets


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Compared to stainless steel kegs
Dolium® offers:

  • Capex avoidance
  • 60% average transport cost savings
  • No stainless steel deposit, cleaning, repair or loss of kegs
  • Reallocation of stainless steel kegs
  • Weight reduction
  • Optimized keg geometry
  • 100% recyclable

Compared to other one-way kegs
Dolium® offers:

  • Highest quality for a competitive price
  • Compatible to existing filling lines
  • Compatible to pub connections
  • Handling (carrying, stacking)
  • Optimized keg geometry
  • Closed valve system
  • Integrated Pressure Relief Valve for safety