Turpin Brewery & Tring Brewery named top Independent Brewers in East of England


The prestigious awards, run by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), held at Elgood’s Brewery in Wisbech prior to their beer festival opening last night, are judged by brewers and beer experts and seen very much as the brewers’ choice awards in the industry.

Turpin Brewery’s beer “Cambridge Black” took home the overall Gold in the cask competition and is described as having ‘balanced flavours of coffee, cocoa and dark chocolate’ whereas Tring brewery’s “Pale Four” was named overall small pack (bottle and can) winner and could not be more different, described as being ‘Hops, hops and more hops’ with ‘three different types of specialty malts providing a robust base of malt flavour for this punchy American West Coast IPA style beer’.


Collecting the award for Turpin brewery was owner and brewer Marcus Turpin, who had this to say on their win, “This is a huge surprise. The beer has been tweaked over last two years, we think the recipe is great and we’re just that glad people agree and are enjoying it as much as we do. It’s also great to see a dark beer winning at this competition and joining us on the dark side!”

Tring Brewery’s Sales Manager Alex Jackson was on hand to collect their award said the beer is already proving very popular with customers, “To win this award with one of our relatively new beers Pale Four is fantastic. It’s our take on a hoppy American IPA, but with British drinkability. It’s a beer that has grown and grown in popularity amongst our customers – which will hopefully continue following these awards! We’re hugely proud to win.”

The competition took place immediately before the opening of the Elgood’s Brewery Beer Festival 2017, taking place at Elgood’s Brewery in Wisbech, which runs Thursday 21st 5-10.30pm, Friday 22nd 5-10.30pm and Saturday 23rd 12 midday until 10.30pm. The festival features over 150 beers from Independent Craft Breweries and will give the chance to be the first to try the regions newly award-winning beers.

Overall Champion of the Cask Competition

Sponsored by SPAsoft LtdBreweryProductABV
Gold Turpin’s Brewery Cambridge Cambridge Black4.6
Silver Grain Brewery Lignum Vitae6.5
Bronze Oakham Ales Green Devil IPA6.0

Cask Standard Mild Ales & Brown Ales

Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & SonsBreweryProductABV
Gold Wolf BrewerySirius Dog Star4.4
Silver Briarbank Brewing CompanyCobnut4.2
Bronze Milton BreweryMinotaur3.3

Cask Standard Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Muntons PLCBreweryProductABV
Gold Lacons BreweryEncore3.8
Silver Grain BreweryThreeOneSix3.9
Bronze Brewster’s BreweryHophead3.6

Cask Best Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Charles Faram & Co LtdBreweryProductABV
Gold Grain BreweryRedwood4.3
Silver Lacons BreweryLegacy4.4
Bronze Tring BreweryDropbar4.0

Premium Bitters & Pale Ales 

Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & Sons LtdBreweryProductABV
Gold Brentwood BreweryHope & Glory4.5
Silver Tydd Steam BreweryDr Fox’s Chicken Choker4.6
Bronze Elmtree Beers LtdSnetterton Scary Tree4.5

Cask Strong Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Murphy & Son LtdBreweryProductABV
Gold Oakham AlesGreen Devil IPA6.0
Silver Brentwood BreweryLumberjack5.2
Bronze Green Jack Brewing Co. Ltd.Mahseer IPA5.8

Cask Premium Strong Beers

Sponsored by Crisp Malting GroupBreweryProductABV
Gold Grain BreweryLignum Vitae6.5
Silver Green Jack Brewing Co. Ltd.Ripper8.5
Bronze Lacons BreweryAudit Ale8.0


Cask Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, Strong Milds & Strong Brown Ales

Gold Turpin’s Brewery CambridgeCambridge Black4.6
Silver 8 Sail BreweryVictorian Porter5.0
Bronze The Norfolk BrewhouseMoon Gazer Dark Mild4.9

Cask Speciality Light Beers

Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & Sons LtdBreweryProductABV
Gold Green Jack Brewing Co. Ltd.Orange Wheat4.2
Silver Nethergate BreweryUmbel Ale3.8
Bronze The Norfolk BrewhouseMoon Gazer Raspberry Gold4.2

Cask Speciality Mid to Dark Beers

Gold Nethergate BreweryUmbel Magna5.0
Silver MauldonsBlackberry Porter4.8
Bronze Elgood & Sons LtdPlum Porter4.5

Champion Small Pack Beers

Sponsored by Beatson Clark LtdBreweryProductABV
GoldTring BreweryPale Four4.6
SilverElgood & sons LtdWarrior Ale5.5
BronzeWolf BrewerySirius Dog Star4.4

Small Pack Standard Mild Ales & Brown Ales 

Gold Wolf BrewerySirius Dog Star4.4
Silver Barrell & SellersMild’n’Bitter4.2
Bronze Bishop Nick LimitedDark Mild3.7

Small Pack Standard Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by CFB Boilers LtdBreweryProductABV
Gold Elmtree Beers LtdBest Bitter4.2
Silver Woodforde’s BreweryBure Gold4.3
Bronze Bishop Nick LimitedHeresy4.0

Small Pack Premium Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Rastal GmbH & Co KGBreweryProductABV
Gold Tring BreweryPale Four4.6
Silver AdnamsGhost Ship4.5
Bronze Lacons BreweryAffinity4.8

Small Pack Strong Bitters & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Rastal GmbH & Co KGBreweryProductABV
Gold Elgood & sons LtdWarrior Ale5.5
Silver Bishop Nick LimitedDivine5.1
Bronze Brewster’s BreweryIPA6.0

Small Pack Premium Strong Beers

Gold Tring BreweryDeath or Glory Ale7.2
Silver AdnamsTally-Ho7.2
Bronze Elmtree Beers LtdGambrinosity6.8

Small Pack Standard Lager & Pilsners

Gold The Norfolk BrewhouseDewHopper lager4.0

Small Pack Premium Lager & Pilsners

Sponsored by Saxon PackagingBreweryProductABV
Gold Calvors BreweryPremium Pilsner5.0
Silver Brentwood – Elephant SchoolPils4.6
Bronze Ferry Ales BreweryGolden Fleece4.5

Small Pack Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, Strong Milds & Strong Brown Ales

Gold Nethergate BreweryOld Growler5.5
Silver MauldonsBlack Adder Stout5.3
Bronze Woodforde’s BreweryNOG4.6

Small Pack Speciality Light Beers 

Gold Green Jack Brewing Co. Ltd.Flower Power6.0
Silver Nethergate BreweryLemon Head4.0
Bronze Wolf BreweryStraw Dog4.5

Small Pack Speciality Mid to Dark Beers 

Gold MauldonsBlackberry Porter4.8
Silver Nethergate BreweryUmbel Magna5.0
Bronze Elmtree Beers LtdWinter Solstice4.6