Charles Faram proudly congratulate our customers listed below for their wins.

Burning Sky brewery in East Sussex have stopped a potential Scottish hat-trick in the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) National Independent Beer Awards, by taking home Gold in the Keg competition. The awards, the biggest of their kind ever seen in the UK with hundreds of cask, keg, bottled and canned beers judged across 5 days, were announced at SIBA’s BeerX event in Sheffield last on Friday night

Williams Bros Brewing CoWilliams Black4.2Supreme Champion of the Cask Beer CompetitionGOLD
Swannay BreweryIsland Hopping3.9Supreme Champion of the Cask Beer CompetitionSILVER
Eight Arch Brewing Co.Corbel5.5Supreme Champion of the Cask Beer CompetitionBRONZE
Williams Bros Brewing CoWilliams Black4.2Champion Cask Standard Mild & Brown AlesGOLD
Earl Soham brewery LtdSir Rogers porter4.2Champion Cask Standard Mild & Brown AlesSILVER
Blackedge Brewing Company LtdDark MIld3.9Champion Cask Standard Mild & Brown AlesBRONZE
Swannay BreweryIsland Hopping3.9Champion Cask Standard Bitters & Pale AlesGOLD
York Brewery LtdBlonde3.9Champion Cask Standard Bitters & Pale AlesSILVER
Combined Brewers LtdNibley Ale3.8Champion Cask Standard Bitters & Pale AlesBRONZE
Wantsum Brewery LtdMontgomery4.0Champion Cask Best Bitters & Pale AlesGOLD
Barngates BreweryTag Lag4.4Champion Cask Best Bitters & Pale AlesSILVER
Black Sheep BrewerySpecial Ale4.4Champion Cask Best Bitters & Pale AlesBRONZE
Alechemy Brewing LtdBad Day At The Office4.5Champion Cask Premium Bitters & Pale AlesGOLD
Salopian BreweryHoptwister4.5Champion Cask Premium Bitters & Pale AlesSILVER
Cullercoats Brewery LtdPilot4.8Champion Cask Premium Bitters & Pale AlesBRONZE
Eight Arch Brewing Co.Corbel5.5Champion Cask Strong Bitters & Pale AlesGOLD
Slater’s AlesHaka5.2Champion Cask Strong Bitters & Pale AlesSILVER
Daleside BreweryMonkey Wrench5.3Champion Cask Strong Bitters & Pale AlesBRONZE
St Austell BreweryBig Job7.2Champion Cask Premium Strong BeersGOLD
Harrogate Brewing CompanyKursaal Imperial Stout7.5Champion Cask Premium Strong BeersSILVER
Black Cat BreweryTzar Imperial Stout6.8Champion Cask Premium Strong BeersBRONZE
New Lion BreweryTotnes Stout4.4Champion Cask Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, Stro

Great Newsome BreweryLiquorice Lads Stout4.3Champion Cask Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, StroSILVER
Bespoke Brewing Co LtdMoney for Old Rope4.8Champion Cask Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, StroBRONZE
RCH BreweryChocolate Slug4.5Champion Cask Speciality BeersGOLD
Blackedge Brewing Company LtdGinger4.5Champion Cask Speciality BeersSILVER
Northern Monk Brewing CoNorthern Star5.9Champion Cask Speciality BeersBRONZE
Fyne AlesMills & Hills9.5Supreme Champion of the Small Pack CompetiGOLD
Loch Lomond BrewerySilkie Stout5.0Supreme Champion of the Small Pack CompetiSILVER
Hawkshead BreweryLakeland Lager5.0Supreme Champion of the Small Pack CompetiBRONZE
Strathaven AlesCraigmill Mild3.5Champion Small Pack Standard Mild & BrownGOLD
The Loose Cannon Brewing ComAbingdon Bridge4.1Champion Small Pack Standard Mild & BrownSILVER
Wolf BrewerySirius Dog Star4.4Champion Small Pack Standard Mild & BrownBRONZE
Idle Valley Brewery LtdVacant gesture3.8Champion Small Pack Standard Bitters & PaleGOLD
Gloucester Brewery LtdGloucester Gold4.1Champion Small Pack Standard Bitters & PaleSILVER
Hawkshead BreweryWindermere Pale4.0Champion Small Pack Standard Bitters & PaleBRONZE
Thornbridge BreweryAM:PM4.5Champion Small Pack Premium Bitters & PaleGOLD
WoodfordesNelsons Revenge4.5Champion Small Pack Premium Bitters & PaleSILVER
Liberation BreweryLiberation IPA4.8Champion Small Pack Premium Bitters & PaleBRONZE
Purity Brewing CompanyLonghorn IPA5.0Champion Small Pack Strong Bitters & Pale AleGOLD
Irwell Works BreweryMad Dogs & Englishmen5.5Champion Small Pack Strong Bitters & Pale AleSILVER
Hambleton Ales LLPThoroughbred Pale Ale5.0Champion Small Pack Strong Bitters & Pale AleBRONZE
Fyne AlesMills & Hills9.5Champion Small Pack Premium Strong BeersGOLD
Lacons BreweryAudit8.0Champion Small Pack Premium Strong BeersSILVER
Windsor and Eton BreweryUprising’s Treason6.0Champion Small Pack Premium Strong BeersBRONZE
Brass Castle BreweryHelles Lager4.4Champion Small Pack Standard Lager & PilsneGOLD
The Norfolk BrewhouseDewHopper Norfolk Lager4.0Champion Small Pack Standard Lager & PilsneSILVER
Charnwood BreweryLiska4.0Champion Small Pack Standard Lager & PilsneBRONZE
Hawkshead BreweryLakeland Lager5.0Champion Small Pack Premium Lager & PilsneGOLD
The Norfolk BrewhouseStubbleStag5.0Champion Small Pack Premium Lager & PilsneSILVER
Edinburgh Beer FactoryPaolozzi5.2Champion Small Pack Premium Lager & PilsneBRONZE
Loch Lomond BrewerySilkie Stout5.0Champion Small Pack Porters, Stouts, Old AleGOLD
Salopian BreweryMidnight Express5.2Champion Small Pack Porters, Stouts, Old AleSILVER
Bristol Beer FactoryMIlk Stout4.5Champion Small Pack Porters, Stouts, Old AleBRONZE
Swannay BreweryBarrel Aged Orkney Porter (2014 Arra10.5Champion Small Pack Speciality BeersGOLD
Elgood & Sons LtdQ E Cherry Wheat3.6Champion Small Pack Speciality BeersSILVER
The Five Points Brewing CompanLondon Smoke7.8Champion Small Pack Speciality BeersBRONZE
Burning Sky Brewery LimitedEasy Answers6.0Supreme Champion of the Keg CompetitionionGOLD
Grain BrewerySlate6.0Supreme Champion of the Keg CompetitionionSILVER
Grain BreweryWeizen5.0Supreme Champion of the Keg CompetitionionBRONZE
Arran BreweryArran Dark4.3Champion Keg Standard Mild & Brown AlesGOLD
Everards BreweryTiger4.2Champion Keg Standard Mild & Brown AlesSILVER
Elgoods Brewery LtdBlack Dog3.6Champion Keg Standard Mild & Brown AlesBRONZE
Stewart BrewingJack Back3.7Champion Keg Standard Bitters & Pale AlesGOLD
Red Squirrel Brewing CompanyHopfest3.8Champion Keg Standard Bitters & Pale AlesSILVER
Acorn BreweryBarnsley Bitter3.8Champion Keg Standard Bitters & Pale AlesBRONZE
Charnwood BreweryAmerican Pale Ale4.8Champion Keg Premium Bitters & Pale AlesGOLD
New Lion BreweryPandit4.9Champion Keg Premium Bitters & Pale AlesSILVER
The Dark Star Brewing Co LtdAmerican Pale Ale4.7Champion Keg Premium Bitters & Pale AlesBRONZE
Charnwood BreweryIndia Pale ale5.8Champion Keg Strong Bitters & Pale AlesGOLD
Salopian BreweryKashmir5.5Champion Keg Strong Bitters & Pale AlesSILVER
Grain BreweryPale5.0Champion Keg Strong Bitters & Pale AlesBRONZE
Burning Sky Brewery LimitedEasy Answers6.0Champion Keg Premium Strong BeersGOLD
Saltaire Brewery LtdKala Black IPA6.2Champion Keg Premium Strong BeersSILVER
St. Peter’s BreweryBlack IPA7.0Champion Keg Premium Strong BeersBRONZE
Coniston BreweryOliver’s Lager3.4Champion Keg Standard Lager & PilsnersGOLD
Williams Bros Brewing CoCaesar Augustus4.1Champion Keg Standard Lager & PilsnersSILVER
Daleside BreweryDaleside Larger4.0Champion Keg Standard Lager & PilsnersBRONZE
Barngates BreweryVienna5.2Champion Keg Premium Lager & PilsnersGOLD
Calvors Brewery LimitedCalvors Premium Pilsner Lager5.0Champion Keg Premium Lager & PilsnersSILVER
St Austell Brewery Co LtdKorev4.8Champion Keg Premium Lager & PilsnersBRONZE
Grain BrewerySlate6.0Champion Keg Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, StronGOLD
Thornbridge BreweryBaize6.0Champion Keg Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, StronSILVER
Hardknott BreweryDark Energy4.9Champion Keg Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, StronBRONZE
Grain BreweryWeizen5.0Champion Keg Speciality BeersGOLD
The London Beer FactoryFruit Loop4.1Champion Keg Speciality BeersSILVER