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The British hop variety family tree

The British hop variety family tree

All details are courtesy of Dr Peter Darby

All details are courtesy of Dr Peter Darby

Picture of the British hop family tree

Hoppy Peters

Who is Peter Darby?

Besides creating this British hop pedigree tree, Dr Peter Darby is a now retired hop researcher and was the public figurehead behind Wye Hops Ltd. Established in March 2007, Wye Hops Ltd is a subsidiary of the British Hop Association and is the vital research centre for the British Hop industry. 

– taken from British Hop Association

Who is Peter Glendinning?

Peter Glendinning heads the Charles Faram Hop Development Programme. Released varieties from the programme include Archer®, Olicana®, Jester®, Minstrel®, Harlequin® , Mystic™, Godiva™ and some yet to be named.  Faram’s is focusing on the development of new varieties to provide a wider range of more intense, exciting flavours for the brewer and good agronomic characteristics for the grower.

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Charles Faram has been established as merchants of hops and hop products for over 150 years. The company, which was originally based in  Worcester, now resides in the small hamlet of Newland, situated at the foot of the picturesque Malvern Hills.


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