Photo of The Charles Faram team in the experimental hop yards, 2016

The Charles Faram team in the experimental hop yards, 2016

In September 2016 Charles Faram & Co Ltd signed an agreement with the British Hop Association for the development of new varieties of hops at Wye Hops Limited near Canterbury in Kent.  This agreement was in addition to our own breeding programme which has so far uncovered varieties such as Jester, Minstrel, Archer and Olicana.

After several years of field selections and aroma assessments, this year has seen the first steps forward with 11 seedlings being selected for planting on farm scale trials.  From these 11, Farams and the British Hop Association hope to select one or two which may finally come forward to market.

Photo of Faram's team selecting hops on initial aroma

Aroma selection

Paul Corbett, Managing Director of Charles Faram said “It is great to be working with the British Hop Association and Peter Darby at Wye Hops Limited to try and establish new varieties of hops.  There is a wealth of knowledge and plant material at Wye Hops Limited and Farams are very pleased to be associated with the development of this programme.  We will be looking for breweries to trial these varieties as soon as significant quantities become available which we hope will be after this 2018 harvest.  There are some pretty unique flavours coming through the programme and we are looking forward to seeing the results.”