Brewing Aids





* items marked with an asterisk are despatched as Hazardous Freight – please call for delivery rates

Murphy’s 25 litre containers – a deposit of £4.50 per container is included in the price which is fully-refundable if returned within 1 year in clean re-useable condition

AB Vickers – no container deposit charged

ClarificationAdjunctsYeast Nutrients, Processing Aids & Preservatives
Laboratory & otherBrewery Hygiene


ProductPack sizeStatusData sheetsSupplier
*Alginex1 litreAvailable to order
Cellabrite25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Finings Adjunct25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Finings Adjunct12.5 litresAvailable to orderPdf logo
Finings Adjunct 200 Ltr Container200 litresAvailable to orderPdf logo
Superkleer2.4kgAvailable to order
Allkleer A (RFU)25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Allkleer A (RFU)12.5 litresStock itemPdf logo
RFU Isinglass Finings CBF25 litresStock item
RFU Isinglass Finings CBF1000 litresAvailable to order
Allkleer C (Triple strength)25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Allkleer C (Triple strength)12.5 litresAvailable to orderPdf logo
Triple Strength Isinglass Finings OCF 21125 litresStock item
Auxiliary Finings SAF 22125 litresStock item
Auxiliary Finings SAF 2211000 litresAvailable to order
Cask Clean30 kgAvailable to order
Caskleer A25 litresAvailable to order
Caskleer C25 litresAvailable to order
Caskleer Paste14 kgAvailable to order
Caskleer Paste2.5 kgStock item
Kompactikleer 230 A25 litresAvailable to order
Kompactikleer 230 C25 litresAvailable to order
Magicol 250 AC Isinglass Powder1 kgAvailable to order
Magicol 250 AS Isinglass Powder1 kgAvailable to order
Magicol 250AS20 kgAvailable to order
Cryofine 15110x100gAvailable to order
Cryofine1kgAvailable to order
Vickfine 1611kgAvailable to order
Tankleer Paste14 kgAvailable to order
Kopperkleer Granules2 kgAvailable to order
Kopperkleer Powder10 kgAvailable to order
Kopperkleer Tablets2 kgAvailable to order
Compac CG (CCT311) Tablets2kgStock item
Compac CCG (CCT311)Granules2kgStock item
Protafloc Granules20 kgAvailable to orderPdf logo
Protafloc Granules2 kgStock itemPdf logo
Protafloc Tablets25 kgAvailable to orderPdf logo
Protafloc Tablets2 kgStock itemPdf logo
Brewing Sugar No 125 kgAvailable to order
Glucose Syrup 61%25 litresAvailable to order
Glucose Syrup Low Colour 60/8025 kgAvailable to order
Lactose Monoh (Sugar/Powder)25 kgAvailable to order
Positive Caramel10 kgAvailable to order
Positive Caramel25 kgAvailable to order
Glucanase25 litresAvailable to order
NDB3 100TU5 kgAvailable to order
Trizyme5 kgAvailable to order
Brewery Hygiene
*70Tw Caustic Solution 32%25 litresStock item
Addhol 1030 kgAvailable to order
*Antiformin S25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Anti-fungal Mould Remover25 kgAvailable to order
Antiscale Drypack5 kgAvailable to order
Causdeta 2530 kgAvailable to order
*Caustic Soda Pearl Granules25 kgAvailable to order
China Clay25 kgAvailable to order
*Cleaner Steriliser (HolChlor)25 kgStock itemPdf logo
*EDSOL 30 Solution25 litresAvailable to order
*EDSOL Powder25 kgAvailable to order
Holchem Chlordet30 kgAvailable to order
Holphos Detergent30 kgAvailable to order
Holquat25 kgAvailable to order
Hydrogen Peroxide30 kgAvailable to order
Iodine250 mlAvailable to order
Keg Bright25 litresAvailable to order
*NIPAC B30 kgAvailable to order
*NIPAC GEL30 kgAvailable to order
*Peracetic Acid 5%30 kgStock item
*Sequestrant Additive25 litresAvailable to order
*Sodium Hypochlorite25 litresAvailable to order
*Stericleanse No 125 litresStock itemPdf logo
Clarex5 kgAvailable to order
Clarity1 kgAvailable to order
Daraclar 92025 kgAvailable to order
Polyclar Plus 73010 kgAvailable to order
Polyclar1020 kgAvailable to order
Antifoam5 litresAvailable to order
Antifoam FD25 litresAvailable to order
Foam Head Stabiliser1 kgAvailable to order
PGA Powder1 kgAvailable to order
PGA Solution 2%25 litresAvailable to order
Liquor Treatment
AMS Liquor Treatment25 litresAvailable to orderPdf logo
AMS Liquor Treatment200 litresAvailable to orderPdf logo
Bruwell A10 kgAvailable to order
Bruwell B10 kgAvailable to order
Bruwell SC10 kgAvailable to order
Calcium Carbonate (Chalk)25 kgAvailable to order
Calcium Chloride Flake25 kgStock item
Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum)25 kgStock item
Citric Acid250gAvailable to order
DWB 165 Liquor Treatment20 kgStock itemPdf logo
De-ionised Water25 litresStock item
Dionic AT125 litresAvailable to order
Dionic HT2 ACO25 litresAvailable to order
Lactic Acid25 kgAvailable to order
*Phosphoric acid 75%16 litresAvailable to order
*Phosphoric acid 75%5 litresAvailable to order
Sodium Bicarbonate25 kgAvailable to order
Sodium Carbonate25 kgAvailable to order
Sodium Chloride PDV Salt25 kgAvailable to order
Sodium Chloride PDV Salt Tablets25 kgAvailable to order
*Sulphuric acid 25%25 litresAvailable to order
Yeast Nutrients, Processing Aids & Preservatives
*Ammonium Sulphate25 kgAvailable to order
Magnesium Sulphate25 kgAvailable to order
*Potassium Chloride BP Salt25 kgAvailable to order
Ascorbic Acid2.5 kgAvailable to order
*Metabisulphate Tablets5 kgAvailable to order
*Salicon Liquid 20%25 litresAvailable to order
Sodium Metabisulaphate25 kgAvailable to order
*Ammonium Tetraformate25 kgAvailable to order
Nutromix Tablets2 kgStock item
Nutromix Tablets25 kgAvailable to order
Yeast Aid25 litresAvailable to orderPdf logo
Yeast Aid5 litresStock itemPdf logo
Yeast-Vit-TCB5 kgStock itemPdf logo
Servomycese10kgAvailable to order
Servomycese10gAvailable to order
Vickfine 1611kgAvailable to order
Yeastlife Extra sachet2kgStock item
Yeast-Vit-TCB25 kgAvailable to order
Zetolite 63250 gAvailable to order
Zetolite 65250 gAvailable to order
*Zinc Sulphate25 litresAvailable to order
*Zinc Sulphate2.5 kgAvailable to order
*Zinc Sulphate5 kgAvailable to order
Laboratory and other equipment
Alkalinity (Palin) Test KiteaAvailable to order
Alkalinity Test TabletseaAvailable to order
ATP Test Swabs100Available to order
Copper Finings Test KiteaAvailable to order
HaemocytometereaAvailable to order
Methylen Blue (250ml bottle)250 mlAvailable to order
x40 Microscope KiteaAvailable to order
PH4 Buffer1 litreAvailable to order
PH4 Buffer250 mlAvailable to order
PH7 Buffer1 litreAvailable to order
PH7 Buffer250 mlAvailable to order
16m Heavy Duty RopeeaAvailable to order
24m Heavy Duty RopeeaAvailable to order
Polypin 3 LitreeaAvailable to order
Carry Jug 4 PinteaAvailable to order
500ml Graduated Measuring CylindereaAvailable to order
Barrel Carbine HookeaAvailable to order
Barrel sling with 2 hookseaAvailable to order
Barrel truckeaAvailable to order
Blue Nitrile GlovepairAvailable to order
Cellar Pad 1000x1000mmeaAvailable to order
Cellar Thermometer (plastic, wall mounted)eaAvailable to order
ChiseleaAvailable to order
Cork Filled Drop Bag (large)eaAvailable to order
Cork Pad (Large)eaAvailable to order
Cork Pad (Small)eaAvailable to order
Cork Pad CovereaAvailable to order
Deshiver ForkeaAvailable to order
Deshiver HammereaAvailable to order
Digital Thermometer (with 1m probe)eaAvailable to order
Dipstick for barrels on their sideeaAvailable to order
Dray Pad (Small) 7.2kgeaAvailable to order
Hammer – Rubber head (large)eaAvailable to order
Hammer – Rubber head (medium)eaAvailable to order
HydrometereaAvailable to order
Hydrometer Jar (51mm diameter)eaAvailable to order
Hydrometer Jar (63mm diameter)eaAvailable to order
Keystone DrivereaAvailable to order
Mash PaddleeaAvailable to order
Mash ShoveleaAvailable to order
Moleskin Apron (Brown)eaAvailable to order
Nylon HammereaAvailable to order
Open Hook Standard Duty 200kg SWLeaAvailable to order
Open Hook Heavy Duty 500kg SWLeaAvailable to order
PH MetereaAvailable to order
PH Tape 1-14eaAvailable to order
Pasteur Perpets10Available to order
Pipette 1mleaAvailable to order
Pipette FillereaAvailable to order
Plateless Barrel Truck – puncture-proof tyreeaAvailable to order
Poly Pin 10 LtrseaAvailable to order
Poly Pin 20 LtrseaAvailable to order
Poly Pin 5 LtrseaAvailable to order
Round Back Barrel Truck – pneumatic tyreeaAvailable to order
Rubber AproneaAvailable to order
Rubber Cellar GlovepairAvailable to order
SacchrometereaAvailable to order
Sacchrometer Jar – PlasticeaAvailable to order
Scouring Pads No 9660Available to order
Spirit ThermometerseaAvailable to order
Wooden Cask TapseaAvailable to order
Wooden Keystones1000Available to order
Wooden Shive1000Available to order