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    Fly high with our Pilot Kit Club We’re offering a rotating select range of new and experimental varieties in 1kg packs. If you are a UK commercial brewery with the desire to try something new then you are already a member. Keep an eye on this page for the current rotation list

This is a heartwarming article from Moor Beer, Bristol, UK . In it they say, “but the real joy in this beer is the hops which are from Charles Faram. They are masters of hops and have managed to breed British hops that have both new world characteristics and the incredible earthy spicy notes normally associated with […]

The Charles Faram HopWalk 2018 took place at Pridewood Farm near Ledbury. Here Paul Corbett, MD interviews hop growers from around the world for a quick update on the crops. UK 4-5% increase in acreage. There’s a change of varieties to follow the market. Goldings and Fuggle still important. More varieties going in (mainly the […]

Charles Faram’s very own Rod Daigle, Sales Manager from the Toronto office, collaborated on a brew day on Friday with the outstanding brew team at Falcon Brewing of Ajax, Ontario.   Rod designed the recipe in advance of brew day, and provided technical guidance prior to and on the day.  He even claims to have […]

Since the last update the company has been working very hard on all aspects of supply to its customers. Here are some of the developments. Quality Faram’s have been investing heavily in their facilities in both the UK and the USA to ensure the best quality hops are received by their customers. Following on from […]