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HopBurst™ delivers hop aromas with punch!!!  You have been warned.  Working only from raw hops our solvent free process allows us to capture the hop oil volatiles often lost in brewing.  The products are added post fermentation to deliver a “dry hop” type effect.  Usual dose rates are 5-40 grams per hectolitre.

Exciting aromas such as pine, citrus, red berry, woody, mint, lemongrass are extracted from hops and blended to give unique aromas all completely natural and easy to dose into your beverage. Specific varietal aroma can be added independently and to the desired levels you require giving you a burst of hop.

Current HopBurst™ products available are:

  • Centurion – citrus fruits aromas will bring you to attention
  • Citrulicious – an intense burst of citrus
  • Geronimo – make your IPA shout with grapefruit and pine notes
  • Floret – strong floral and pine character
  • Halo – a heady burst of tangerine and grapefruit
  • Howitzer – a pilsner style with grassy and herbal characters
  • Kentish Gold – spicy, earthy, typical english pale ale style
  • Limonata – a powerful burst of citrus lemon and lime
  • Magnifico – unique tropical fruit, floral and earthy characters
  • Outback – strong, bold passionfruit and citrus notes
  • Pacific Northwest – spicy and citrus aromas for great for US pale ales
  • South Pacific – fresh floral and marmalade characteristics
  • Super Citrus – a zesty smack in the face
  • Tutti Frutti – provides a powerful orange, citrus aroma
  • Uncle Sam – that unmistakable citrus and geraniol style
  • Victory – fruity and gooseberry notes, there is only one outcome
  • Bespoke – the customer comes first – our dedicated team is ready to discuss individual requirements to develop a fully personalised product
  • Varietal – pick a specific variety to give the characteristic aroma of the named hop

Pack size: 1Lt flask, 5Lt flask, 20kg drum


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