Brexit: Special Order Products

With the approach of Brexit we would like to inform you of some of our plans regarding importing products from Europe.

We are expecting there to be some disruption to supply for malts from Weyermann® and Castle, Dolium one way kegs, and yeast from Fermentis. We have been building up stock here for a number of months in order to ensure that there is continued supply of core products but please expect longer lead times for non-stock items from these suppliers.

If you have any queries or further questions please do contact our sales team.

Five Minutes with Faram’s – Sara Barton, Brewster’s Brewery

What’s your favourite hop?
Hard choice; like choosing between your children. If I’m allowed one from each country I would say UK Bramling Cross US Mosaic & NZ Nelson Sauvin. They all have such different but distinct characteristics

What’s your favourite beer?
Of ours, I would say our Decadence which uses Nelson Sauvin for its distinctive flavour.
Favourite Food & Beer pairing?
Got to be beer and curry as the 2 seem to work so well together. Bringing out the best of both!
Favourite beer destination?
Belgium; visited Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent. I love their relaxed attitude to beer and the fact that everyone is so into beer, glassware etc.
Favourite pub in the UK?
It has to be our pub The Marquis of Granby at Granby near Nottingham. Good beer and good company
What’s the one item in the brewery you couldn’t live without?
The kettle!!! Or on the brewing side our ATP machine; love checking we’re all nice and clean 
Favourite interest/hobby outside of brewing?
Is there a world outside brewing! Walking our mad dog Digby; a great fan of birds and swimming in the canal!
What’s the last beer you brewed?
Usually Hophead, Hophead & more Hophead; our most popular brew. Combined English & US hops for a 3.6% beer that really delivers hop punch way beyond its strength
Fuggles or Goldings?
Got to be Fuggles for us which is the mainstay of our Marquis traditional English session beer
What can we look forward to from Brewster’s Brewery?
Experimenting with new beer styles and packaging formats. Plus more of our lovely core range of casks which is the bread and butter of our business.