Pilgrim is a fantastic hop for both bittering and aroma.  It imparts a traditional English bitterness which provides an excellent base for best bitters and pale ales and a well-rounded, full-bodied character which complements the darker malt colours.  Flavour notes include spice, cedar and honey and its higher levels of Humelene and Selinene give it a refreshing ‘hoppy’ aroma.


Pilgrim is a mid-late ripening very Wilt resistant dual-purpose variety (9 – 13% alpha) which was developed at HRI Wye and released in 2000. It has the same father as First Gold and Herald although it is not a dwarf variety.


Pilgrim has a very vigorous growth habit and has good resistance to both powdery and downy mildew. It has shown to be the most Wilt resistant variety to date and is a very high yielder.  From early storage trials stability of the alpha acids in Pilgrim seem to be excellent.

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